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Copyright Ownership

Copyright ownership of ‘Introducing Psychology’

As Nigel C. Benson, I am the legally defined author and illustrator of the book ‘Introducing Psychology’, first published as ‘Psychology For Beginners’ by Icon Books Ltd, 1998. I own the copyrights of all the texts and illustrations in ‘Introducing Psychology’, with the exceptions of quotations and one cartoon by Ian Pollock, on p115. The written legal contracts for writing and illustrating ‘Introducing Psychology’ are solely between the publisher Icon Books Ltd and me, Nigel C. Benson.

All the writing and illustrating work for ‘Introducing Psychology’ was done in my private premises, using my equipment and materials.

All assistance I had for writing and illustrating ‘Introducing Psychology’ was on a purely voluntary basis, with no written contracts between any helpers and myself. Therefore none of the people who helped me have any legal rights to any copyright ownership of the texts or illustrations.

I acknowledged in ‘Introducing Psychology’ the names of the individuals who voluntarily gave me assistance. Those names are listed alphabetically in the Acknowledgements section, on p172. As well as not having any rights of copyright ownership, they have no rights of financial claims for any of the contents in my book.

I legally assert my Moral Rights as author and illustrator to be credited with the contents of ‘Introducing Psychology’ in the standard form:

‘Copyright Nigel C. Benson © 1998.’

Permissions to use any texts or illustrations in ‘Introducing Psychology’ must be obtained directly from me in advance.

Nigel C. Benson

Author and Illustrator

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